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Modern Dental treatment for Common Oral Issues.

5 Modern Dental Treatments for Common Oral Issues

Visiting the dentist can sometimes fill you with anxiety. Patients are usually concerned about pain, irritation, and uncomfortability. Thankfully times have changed and our dental practice is equipped with new dental technologies that help ease the discomfort of dental treatments.

Innovation has improved various modern dental treatments in Matthews, NC, and we are happy to provide the best experience to our patients through these newer dental care procedures.

Therefore, if you are behind on your regular dental visits, because you’re anxious about a toothache or any other oral health issues, we have listed out some modern dental procedures that can change your mind about visiting the dentist. Let’s explore 5 new options that will give you healthy and beautiful teeth.

5 Modern Dental Procedures

1. 3D Cone Beam Imaging

Cone beam 3D imaging is a modern technology that allows your dentist to see detailed three dimensional images of your teeth, nerve pathways, soft tissues, and bones in the craniofacial regions of your mouth.

The cone beam imaging utilizes an x-ray beam shaped like a cone and moved around a patient’s head to capture numerous images. The images are then reconstructed with a special software to give a three dimensional image.

3D imaging enables your dentist to place dental implants accurately, plan tooth extraction effectively, evaluate the jaw, sinuses, nasal cavity, and nerves carnal, and also determine if a root canal is the preferred treatment for you.

2. Dental Implants

Dental implants, such as the mini dental implants, are much smaller in size compared to traditional dental implants. Due to their size, they come with some extra benefits. Best of all, the procedure does not require much involvement. Mini dental implants are designed with a one-piece screw that is less than 3mm in diameter, and they include a ball-shaped end that is visible from the jawbone.

Mini dental implants are a better alternative to dentures for tooth replacement. They can be used to replace a missing tooth, multiple teeth, or stabilize dentures. Whenever you lose a tooth, you don’t have to worry because you can restore the beauty of your teeth without undergoing any invasive procedure.

Mini dental implants procedure requires less jawbone density, can be applied without bone grafting, offers a faster recovery time, and are available at a lower cost. Although their prices vary, they are lower compared to traditional implants.

3. Trios Dental Scanner

Trios dental scanner allows the dentist to take the impression of a patient’s teeth and bite without much hassle. Historically, dental impressions are usually taken with metal trays and soft rubber like material that is sent to the dental lab to make clear aligners, veneers, dental crowns and other oral appliances. This process can be quite cumbersome and uncomfortable.

However, with the trios scanner, we can easily scan your teeth and send a digital impression to our lab. This allows for a swift turnaround time,fewer appointments, and lower remakes due to the increase in accuracy. 

4. Invisalign

Invisalign is a discreet, removable option compared to traditional braces. Your dentist can use this method to straighten your teeth and give you a healthier, more confident smile. Clear aligners are easy to remove and require you to change them at regular intervals to help position your teeth properly. 

If you are skeptical about wearing traditional wire-and-bracket orthodontic hardware, but still want your teeth to appear straight, invisalign is the best solution for you. 

5. Night Guards

Night guards can also be called mouth guards, dental guards, bite splints, or nocturnal bite plates. They function by placing a barrier between your teeth to lighten the tension and cushion the muscles in your mouth when you clench your jaw. Night guards not only help prevent face and jaw pain, they also protect your tooth enamel

They are custom designed for patients to prevent them from grinding or clenching their teeth while they sleep. They are also used to treat bruxism, prevent headaches, and help you sleep soundly.

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