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5 Signs Your Dentures Need Replacement

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Dentures give most of us a chance to have normal oral functions and confidence after tooth loss. But, like any other prosthetic device, it does not last forever. As we get older, our gum tissues and jawbones change. Thus, giving you signs that it’s time for new dentures. 

Average lifespan of a denture

According to the ADA, the average lifespan of dentures is from 5 to 10 years. With proper oral hygiene and frequent dental visits, you can extend its lifespan. Check the warning signs below and visit the dentist as soon as possible. It can help prevent more serious dental problems like periodontal disease.

What are the signs that tell you to replace your dentures?

Never disregard the pain or discomfort that you feel with your dentures. It might cause you more harm if you keep on using them. Here are a few tips on how to know if the time has come for new dentures.

Your dentures become loose, wobbly, or keep falling off

One of the sure signs that something is wrong with your dentures is when it keeps falling off. Our gum tissues and bone structure change as we age. It is typical for gums to adjust because of tooth loss. These changes make it hard for the dentures to be an exact fit to give you a balanced bite pattern.

It often happens when your dentures are very old and almost at the end of their lifespan. The changes in your mouth call for a new denture fitting that can make you feel more comfortable.

Difficulty in biting or chewing food

When chewing your food feels like a chore, it can be a sign that there are changes in your mouth structure. Moreso, if you have been wearing your dentures for almost ten years or beyond.

It may also indicate your denture itself is already outdated. Ask the advice of your dentist immediately about this to prevent further complications.

Fractured or broken dentures

Any dents and cracks in your dentures can cause more injuries in your mouth. Broken pieces of your denture base or teeth may also get into your food and cause more health issues.

Check for hairline cracks on the denture base or teeth every time you clean it. If you find cracks, verify with your dentist if repair is possible or it’s subject to replacement.

Inflamed gums

Inflammation is one of the sure signs your dentures need to say goodbye. Changes in the mouth cause the prosthetic device to rub against the gums causing sore spots. With continued use, the inflammation may get worse and cause an infection. 

Fine Arts Dentistry wants to see you smile again

Have you experienced one of the signs mentioned above? We want you to smile, laugh, and eat without hesitation or discomfort. Let us help you bring back the comfort and joy of having teeth with a new pair of dentures. 

Fine Arts Dentistry provides full and partial dentures services in Matthews. You may schedule an appointment with our top-rated dentists today.


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