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Common Dental Emergencies You Should Know

Have you ever had health issues out of the blue and needed the help of a doctor? Then, you probably know that dental emergencies can strike unexpectedly, causing severe pain and discomfort. Recognizing these common dental emergencies in Matthews, NC, and knowing when to seek immediate treatment is crucial for preventing long-term complications and preserving oral health. 

Fine Art Dentistry has emergency dentists in Matthews, NC, ready to tend to your dental emergencies. They will assess your condition and provide top-notch treatments to tackle them and restore your oral health to perfection. Let’s discuss oral issues that qualify as dental emergencies and require urgent care. 

What Are Dental Emergencies?

A dental emergency is any oral health issue that drives the need for immediate treatment to address infection, trauma, bleeding, and severe pain. Some dental problems can wait for an appointment, but others require urgent care to prevent irreversible complications or damage. Our dentists, Dr. Harish Patel, D.M.D., and Dr. Stacey Alston, D.D.S., advise that you know the difference between urgent and non-urgent issues to help you effectively seek our emergency dental care in Matthews.

Oral Health Issues That Classify As Common Dental Emergencies

Our family dentists in Matthews want you to know some common oral health issues that qualify as dental emergencies.

1. Severe Toothache

Toothaches can range from mild discomfort to excruciating pain and are often signs of underlying dental issues such as tooth decay, infection, or gum disease. If you experience severe or persistent tooth pain, seek immediate emergency dental care from our dentists in Matthews to identify and address the underlying cause.

2. Knocked-Out Tooth

Accidents or injuries can result in a knocked-out tooth, which requires quick action to increase the chances of saving the tooth. If a tooth is completely dislodged from its socket, handle it carefully by the crown (avoiding the root), rinse it gently with water if dirty, and try to reinsert it into the socket. If reinsertion isn’t possible, keep the tooth moist with milk or saliva and seek urgent care immediately.

3. Broken or Cracked Tooth

A fractured or cracked tooth can cause pain, sensitivity, and difficulty chewing. The severity of the fracture will determine the necessary treatment, which may include dental bonding, crowns, or root canal therapy. Promptly see your family dentist in Matthews to prevent further damage and infection.

4. Lost Filling or Crown

A lost filling or crown can leave the affected tooth vulnerable to decay and damage. While waiting for professional care, avoid chewing on the affected side and use temporary or over-the-counter dental cement to cover the exposed area. An emergency dentist can provide permanent restorations to protect the tooth and prevent further complications.

5. Dental Abscess

This is a painful infection characterized by a pus-filled pocket that forms within the tooth (periapical abscess) or surrounding gum tissue (periodontal abscess). You may notice severe pain, swelling, fever, and a foul taste in the mouth. Abscesses require immediate dental attention to drain the infection, alleviate pain, and prevent the spread of infection to other parts of the body.

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How To Recognise a Dental Emergency

Recognizing a dental emergency involves understanding the signs and symptoms that indicate urgent care is needed. If you experience severe pain, swelling, bleeding, or trauma to the mouth, you should contact us for our emergency dental care in Matthews, NC, for immediate treatment. Knowing when to seek emergency dental care and taking appropriate steps while waiting for professional help can effectively manage dental emergencies and protect your oral health and well-being.

When to Contact an Emergency Dentist

Contact your emergency dentist when you experience the following:

  • Excessive Bleeding: Bleeding that does not stop within a few minutes of applying pressure.
  • Severe Pain or Swelling: Intense pain or swelling that worsens rapidly or does not respond to over-the-counter pain relievers or home remedies.
  • Dental Trauma: Injuries to the mouth, teeth, or jaw that result in visible damage or displacement of teeth.
  • Signs of Infection: Fever, chills, swollen lymph nodes, or pus discharge indicating systemic infection or abscess formation.
  • Dental Emergency During Pregnancy: Pregnant individuals experiencing dental emergencies should seek prompt care to protect their health and that of their unborn baby.

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Seek an Emergency Dentist in Matthews, NC

Contacting our emergency dentists is essential for treating common dental emergencies in Matthews, NC. Delaying treatment can worsen the condition, lead to more extensive and costly interventions, and increase the risk of complications such as tooth loss or systemic infection.

Dental emergencies can be distressing, but our family dentists will ease your pain and protect your smile. If you face an emergency, schedule an appointment with us to experience the best emergency dental care in Matthews.

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