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Matthews Dentist Shares 5 Reasons Why Tooth Extractions Are Necessary

Matthews Dentist Shares 5 Reasons Why Tooth Extractions Are Necessary

There are various reasons why our dentists may recommend a tooth extraction. Most times, removing a tooth is the final call for our dentists when it’s certain that other dental procedures cannot save the tooth. If you have a severe dental condition and you are searching for a dentist who performs tooth extraction treatments in Matthews, NC, our dentists at Fine Art Dentistry are your best bet.

We carry out teeth extraction treatments to help save the tissues in your jaw and bones from getting infected and improve oral health. So in this guide, our dentists in Matthews, Dr. Harish Patel, D.M.D., and Dr. Stacey Alston, D.D.S., have shared the many reasons for undergoing a tooth extraction procedure. Read through to know more about getting your tooth extracted.

How Do I Know If I Need A Tooth Extraction?

There are a few signs or symptoms that indicate the need to get a dental tooth extraction. The signs that you need an extraction include:

  • Jaw pain or stiffness
  • Severe tooth pain
  • Swollen gums that surround one or more teeth
  • Recurring gum disease
  • Severe pain when biting or chewing

These are the tell-tale signs that signify a possible tooth extraction. However, you need to see our dentists for an examination. This helps our dentists know if other alternatives exist to save your tooth. 

5 Reasons You Need a Tooth Extraction?

Many dental patients view tooth extractions as painful dental procedures and are often anxious when getting their teeth extracted. However, if you’re experiencing severe pain caused by a tooth, having it pulled will prevent other oral complications and bring pleasant relief from pain.

Below are the reasons why our dentists may recommend a tooth extraction:

1. Tooth Extraction Stops Tooth Decay

Tooth decay is the major reason why teeth are pulled. Most patients who have their teeth extracted due to tooth decay don’t visit their dentists regularly for examinations. 

Tooth decay is a progressive condition; it takes years before it gets to the stage where your tooth is extracted. When the decay has eaten through the tooth and eventually affects the pulp, it results in a root canal infection.

However, when left untreated, the infection becomes so severe that the tooth cannot be saved. So when you visit our dentists in Matthews, a tooth extraction will be recommended, followed by a restorative treatment, such as dental implants and crowns.  

2. Tooth Extractions Saves the Gum Tissues and Bones in the Jaw

Like tooth decay, gum disease destroys the tooth when left untreated. In its advanced stages, gum disease causes degeneration of the ligament, bones, teeth, and gum tissue.

As the supporting tissues deteriorate, your tooth may become loose and eventually fall off. A tooth extraction procedure is required to protect your gum tissues and jaw bones. 

Tooth Extractions Help Correct Overcrowded Teeth 

If you have a severe case of tooth overcrowding, our dentists may perform a tooth extraction as part of your treatment. Some of your permanent teeth will be removed to reduce overcrowding and allow the remaining teeth to align correctly with others. Our dentists perform tooth extractions for kids, teenagers, and adults with overcrowded teeth. 

4. Tooth Extractions Help Correct Impacted Teeth

Teeth that haven’t grown beyond the gum line are referred to as impacted. Many factors, such as twisted or tilted teeth, displaced teeth, and teeth overcrowding, can cause tooth impaction. Wisdom teeth are occasionally impacted because the jaw is not wide enough to accommodate these teeth. Suppose you have an impacted wisdom tooth and you’re looking for a professional dentist who offers wisdom teeth removal in Matthews, Dr. Harish Patel can carefully and expertly remove wisdom teeth and extract an impacted tooth.

5. Tooth Extractions Make Some Restorative Treatment Possible

A broken tooth, especially if it breaks at or near the gum line, can prevent you from restoring your teeth. This is because there may not be enough tooth structure to which a dental crown can be attached. When faced with such an issue, Dr. Harish Patel, our top dentist in Matthews, may need to extract the tooth and fix an implant that can hold the crown.

What Can I Eat After a Tooth Extraction?

Following a tooth extraction treatment, you need to observe various after-tooth extraction precautions. One is what you can and cannot eat after a tooth extraction. The first two to five days after tooth removal, it’s best to eat very soft foods (first two days) and some hot foods (three to five days). You mustn’t take any hot food after tooth extraction surgery, as your face would still feel numb, and you may burn yourself.

Any food that requires no chewing is recommended. Examples of such foods include:

  • Lukewarm soup
  • Eggs
  • Puddings
  • Yogurt
  • Well cooked pasta
  • Cheese
  • Soft Vegetables
  • Ground beef

After five days, you will already feel like eating anything you like. However, this is just a guide. If you don’t feel comfortable trying any of the foods mentioned above, you can change them to the more suitable ones.

How Long Does a Tooth Extraction Take to Heal?

When you visit our dental office for tooth extractions, the procedure is done effectively and efficiently. However, the time it takes for a tooth extraction to heal depends on the complexity of your case. However, you will feel much better within a few days. 

You can resume your normal activities within 48 to 72 hours. It usually takes longer, sometimes weeks, for your jaw bone to fully heal. Hence, if you plan to restore your tooth with a crown and dental implant, you must wait a few months for your jawbone to recover fully.

Tooth Extraction for Kids & Adults in Matthews, Near Indian Trail

Our Matthews, NC, Dentists Dr. Stacey Alston and Dr. Harish Patel.

At Fine Arts Dentistry, we have the best dentists and dental providers in Matthews who ensure our patients get the best treatment for various dental conditions. We help prevent the spread of infection in the mouth caused by tooth decay and severe gum diseases by providing tooth extraction for kids and adults in Matthews. 

Our goal is always to preserve your teeth, give you better oral health, and improve the appearance of your smile. For painless, safe, and comfortable teeth extractions, please schedule an appointment with our dentists today. 

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