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Myofunctional orthodontics in Matthews, NC.

Myofunctional Orthodontics in Matthews, NC: A Non-Brace Teeth Straightening Solution

As your child grows, their jaw will shift and grow as their teeth come in. However, it’s common for the jaw to develop incorrectly, leading to an underdeveloped jaw and an incorrect bite (also called a malocclusion). 

While genetics plays a huge factor in whether or not your child’s teeth will grow in straight, certain myofunctional habits–such as thumbsucking and tongue thrusting–are also to blame for these orthodontic issues. These habits are formed in early infancy and can significantly affect your child’s airway and the craniofacial harmony of their face.

Thankfully, there is a way to correct these myofunctional habits by using modern orthodontic procedures. Our dentists in Matthews, Dr. Patel and Dr. Alston, use a combination of myofunctional orthodontics (with Myobrace) and myofunctional therapy to correct bad oral habits in children and straighten crooked teeth. 

To help you better understand what myofunctional therapy is and how myofunctional orthodontics works, we’ve created this outline to give you the answers to your questions. Read on to gain more insight about myofunctional therapy in Matthews, NC.

What Is Myofunctional Therapy?

Myofunctional therapy involves several orthodontic procedures that use one of three oral appliances–Myobrace, Myospots, or Myomunchee–to cure adverse muscular habits. These tools work similar to Invisalign by using intravenous light forces to align the teeth. 

Dentists use myofunctional therapy as a modern alternative to traditional braces, eradicating the constant–and often uncomfortable–pressure that happens with a fixed bracket system.

Because of how comfortable myofunctional therapy is compared to metal braces, it has been recently gaining popularity in the dental sphere. Not only are the oral appliances removable and easy-to-maintain compared to other oral appliances, but they also offer an effective tooth straightening solution that will continue to keep your child’s teeth straight decades later.  

How Do Myofunctional Orthodontics Work?

With myofunctional orthodontics, patients receive a lifetime supply of trainers (oral appliances) along with comprehensive education on how to use Myobrace, Myospots, or Myomunchee from infancy through adolescence. The goal is to stop serious orthodontic problems from arising by quickly identifying and treating their causes.

Depending on the patient’s specific needs, each treatment plan is carried out in phases. However, usually, the patient will need to wear a temporary, detachable intra-oral appliance for 1-2 hours each day and at night while they sleep.

Several appliances are used depending on the patient’s age and particular orthodontic problem. Patients are also given a set of instructions that involve breathing, tongue, swallowing, lip, and cheek exercises to further improve poor myofunctional behaviors.

Without the complications of trapped food in wires and general discomfort, it’s easy to see why myofunctional orthodontics have become more popular. Not only do the oral appliances treat underlying issues that lead to misaligned teeth and jaws, but myofunctional therapy also addresses breathing obstructions before they affect children in adulthood.

myofunctional orthodontics treatments from a matthews dentist

Types of Myofunctional Orthodontics Treatments in Matthews, NC

Myofunctional orthodontics use three types of oral appliances to help your child straighten their jaw and teeth and strengthen the muscles of their face without braces. The three types of myofunctional orthodontics treatments include:


With Myobrace, an intra-oral device that resembles a mouthguard is prescribed to the patient for them to wear at night and for a couple hours during the day. The structure fits snugly and comfortably in the mouth. Myobrace guides the lips and tongue into place and helps children:

  • Easily breathe through their nose
  • Swallow properly
  • Correctly rest their tongue in the right position

For 12 to 24 months, several intra-oral appliances will be used as your child grows and their jaw continues to develop. To ensure the treatment is effective, your child must wear Myobrace for at least 1 hour each day and for the entire night while they sleep.


Myospots are tiny, rounded pads made of organic, biodegradable polymers. The pad adheres to the surface of the palate thanks to its powerful adhesive. Myospots come in a range of flavors and are also suitable for vegans.

A Myospot pad’s primary function is to strengthen the tongue. It does this by lifting the tongue to make contact with the pad, thus setting it against the palate.

The pad will eventually dissolve due to repetitive movements of the tongue. This makes it an excellent, safe way to build the muscles in the tongue. If Myospot pads are used consistently for months, the tongue will start to rest itself naturally against the palate.

Myospot can also correct other orthodontic issues, including:

  • Speech Disorders
  • Dysphagia
  • Mouth Breathing


Like Myobrace, Myomunchee is more of an oral trainer than an orthodontic appliance. It’s made of soft silicone, which encourages your child to chew more. By doing so, it helps:

  • Strengthen the muscles in your child’s lips and face
  • Improve your child’s breathing patterns
  • Enhance the health of your child’s teeth and gums

Benefits of Using Myofunctional Therapy for Your Children

Myofunctional therapies have several advantages, which include:

Better Breathing 

Your child will start to breathe more through their nose than through their mouth by using an intra-oral device like the Myobrace. Mouth breathing impacts how our facial muscles move and work and how much oxygen and carbon dioxide we take in. 

Myobrace, in particular, is great for helping your child develop a healthy breathing pattern with the help of myofunctional breathing therapy.

Suitable For All Ages

Some adults who experience tooth loss or delayed jaw growth can also benefit from myofunctional therapy methods and Myobrace. Given that there are no significant hazards, it can even be a successful treatment for sleep apnea.

People who frequently deal with headaches, sore necks, and heartburn may also benefit from myofunctional therapy and myofunctional orthodontics.

Treat Your Child’s Orthodontic Problems With Myobrace in Matthews, NC

If you notice that your child is experiencing myofunctional problems such as an improper bite, sleep apnea, breathing problems, poor sleep, snoring, and crooked teeth, please schedule a screening appointment with us at Fine Arts Dentistry. Our dentists will analyze your child’s condition to see if using myofunctional orthodontics can improve their oral health. 


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